This is a WordPress with the default theme.

You are looking a WordPress blog with the twenty twenty theme that comes by default with WordPress with the colors personalized using the WordPress own graphical interface.

I think it looks pretty cool anyway, when I started doing this blog I thought I would made my own theme, but I didn’t have the need to do so since the WordPress personalization allowed me to make the blog look good for what I wanted to say.

This blog does not represent any brand, so it does not have to have a custom logo, header, footer or whatever a bussiness blog has to look like so the development of a brand new theme is in my opinion overkill and a waste of resources to write three or two not monetized articles in a week.

The true is always I wanted to do a blog for me always I choosed the default themes for these reason, I know how to do WordPress Theme development, but it always seems overkill to do it for my own blog.

If someday I find the current theme is not enough for something, I will attempt to write my own theme or extend the current one, but by the moment is what I need and more.

I want to hear your opinion. Do you think this theme looks good?

blog wordpress

Blogs against a post in social media.

When I needed to explain complex concepts about free software and programming I choose to do it with WordPress instead of using the Linkedin or Pleroma mechanisms there is why:

  • A blog has no limit about the number of characters may be used allowing to explain your toughts in a more complete way.
  • When reading a post in a blog if you like it you can also read more content of the blog easily rather than looking into the user activity and getting the real content mixed with random shares and like.
  • Blog post may be shared in multiple social networks, at the prize of getting almost half visibility in for example Linkedin.
  • Your content belongs you, not a third party platform if you are the owner of your blog, you may move your content, edit it or promote it the way you want.

Starting blogging is easy, configuring a blog with WordPress is a 5 minutes process and if you cannot do it by yourself there are solutions like which may help you to get started.

What are you waiting to start blogging too?

GPL wordpress

About the WordPress success.

WordPress is the king of the web, for many people putting a webpage online is equal to deploying and adapting WordPress to the needs they have, but what does WordPress such an useful software for building almost any kind of webpage?

The work others did on building plugins and themes for WordPress and the GPLv2 or later license which helps them sharing that work.

You can find themes and plugins for almost any purpose making WordPress a Swiss Army Knife and the GPLv2 or later WordPress is licensed in states than those plugins and themes must be distributed under the license of WordPress itself without further restrictions.

This allow you to virtually adapt any theme or plugin which does not fit you completly to your needs in a complete way and then distribute your changes under the same license.

Does it apply to paid plugins/themes?

It may be possible a plugin or theme is not distributed under a GPLv2 or later compatible license but that would expose the author to be demanded by anyone who holds copyright on WordPress for violating their license.

But you can sell software copies GPLv2 or later programs so the most probable outcome is you being able to edit and further distribute any plugin or theme you buy created for their usage on WordPress.

I hope WordPress becomes everyday better and we can enjoy more years of this amazing software.