Not so computers Utena

Inspiring series: Revolutionary Girl Utena. (GIF compilation.)

Utena is a great anime which brings a great reflexion about stereotypes and their effect in adolescence. But this post objetive is only to drop great gifs about the anime I found in Duckduckgo.

The featured one is Jury getting the photo of the girl she secretly loved broke in the battle against Utena. Once again trying to demostrate miracles does not exists and once again Utena defeating she with a coincidence.

“Dios wants to show you the end of the world.”
I do not know the context since this is from the film, but looks pretty cool.
Nanami with her Cristian Dior cowbell.
Touga featuring Touga in Revolutionary Boy Touga.
Utena can make a dress with a mantel and I barely can sew up the broken pockets of a jean.