Real languages

Real languages evolution: Are we in the road to create a programmers language?

Featured image took shamelessly from feel free to read some of his kind comics.

After reading a post talking about the English segmentation between geographical parts of the Earth I came to think about what other kind of barriers could exists which could allow English to evolve independently and I thought professions and digital communities could be this barrier.

Let’s think about it a great amount of today programmers and system administrators are not native english speakers and many of them write English conveying the way of writting they saw in documentation which may not have been written by a native English speaker, the result is mutations of common English would be not so rare to be created and extended between the informatics community in a daily basics.

It is not uncommon to hear about someone who heard a conversation between two programmers and could not understand a single word because not having the abstract vocabulary we use.

There are more examples I can think about my hypotesis like the Bussiness English based on giving confidence about your products and organizations or the Gamers English plaged by acronyms like wtf, lol, gg, gges, etc.

Also a special technical english is teached for students of many fields like biology as a teacher of me during the ESO explained to me.

When are we going to found ourselves saying “This is not Latin anymore”?