Free software native webapps

Webapps over native programs in a privative of freedom environment.

In this post I am going to talk about why to choose as much as possible using a webapp based on privative of freedom software than to install their fancy native and privative also app to protect your privacy and what is more important, your digital freedom.

If you are using a browser you can tweak many configurations to protect your freedom, like using Noscript, Privacy Badger and ┬ÁBlock this allows you to protect somewhat your privacy at least over native apps which are difficult to tweak and also you would be probably breaking the EULA.

Also browsers can also do a thing or two to protect some of the four freedoms in the way you interact with this application.

Let’s put the example you have to consult the weather of your town and you lack libre software to do it, you can choose between using a native app with intrusive advertising or using a browser like Firefox to use the webapp also with this advertising, both featuring third party tracking and a bloated interface.

None would be the best option for someone with values his digital rights, but the webapp version gives us a unique oportunity to recover some of that freedoms.

Thanks to ┬Áblock we say good bye to the advertising and Privacy Bagder does his job with some of the tracking, but we can do more, browsers are sometimes inconvenient so we can investigate thanks to Firefox network inspector how the app retrieves the data and make a script using something like LWP::UserAgent and Perl to integrate that data in your desktop. This is something like does with Youtube and some other privative of both freedom and privacy websites.

This would be impossible or very difficult with native apps and a breakage of the EULA of those apps, but web give us greater flexibility to fight against the digital dystopia we are living in.

If you want to protect yourself further there are plently free software tools you can use to substitute the privative ones you are using today.

Debian GNU/Linux can be a great replacement to Windows or MacOS if you are looking for a more respectful with your freedom operative system, if you run into issues installing it drop me a message and I can help you to get over it.

Libreoffice is a great replacement to other privative ofimatical suites like Microsoft Office.

Nextcloud can help you to get your own cloud storage and office collaboration you can trust if you have the resources and the knowledge to install it. Pretty better than the GSuite and Microsoft alternatives if talking about privacy.

Fediverse social networks are much more respectful and inclusive with users both in digital rights and human rights than say Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.

There are plenty libre software you can start using today to empower yourself.