Reading other’s mails is bad, and a crime in Spain. An article about Google.

Often we see criticism because Google pays less taxes than the Pymes in Spain, but what is not often said is Google also is breaking the constitutional right to the privacy on comunications in a daily basis.

Imagine you have the most important mail provider today and also control most of advertising on internet, a deadly combination to make money simply parse what your users buy or want to buy to advertise them similar things.

But that bussiness is illegal in Spain because only police with a judicial order can lawfully intercept comunications between parties!!!

Telefonica must not quietly listen your conversations over phone if it is done without a judicial order nor can Correos read your physical mail.

What gives Google the privilege of doing so with your mail?

Google goes a step further, it puts itself in the name of “cybersecurity” as intermediary in every link is sended in Gmail giving them realtime information about what services are you clicking and what you are more likely to click, the stricter the surveillance the greater the profits.

Stand up for digital rights and law avoiding services with similar polices in your enterprise and leverage your software with decentralized and robust free software solutions to protect your users and workers of the dystopia of surveillance capitalism.

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When your big tech company of preference becomes bad for bussiness on internet.

In this blog post I am going to talk about Google.

We all lived a time when Google was a “good” search engine in sense you searched for something and you were going to get what you searched.

I think these times are finished and Google is now a spam as search results platform which destroys all competence in internet that is not who pays more to Google to get promoted.

Tech guys and privacy concerned individuals are likely not get the same viewpoint of that unless they look at the search result of less tech savy users like probably their grandmothers or grandfathers.

I saw users where all the first page of results was only promoted content on searchs like “Duolingo”, spam of every kind, from competitors to phishing webpages, everything but what you searched for.

I think as users we should advocate for descentralization to avoid those situations arising again.

Searx is a good alternative since you can implement it “at home” or use a instance from a user you trust.