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What is Peertube-dl?

Peertube-dl aims to be a alternative to youtube-dl written in Perl providing a library, a cli utility and a webpage.

I am currently developing that project, I licensed it under the AGPLv3, a Free Software license.

It provides a Dockerfile which allows you to run the program in a container.

I hope you find it useful, beware it is provided to you without any warranty, but I will be happy to help you with any issues you find on


Using the Spain digital certificate in Docker.

I just made a project to support using the Spanish Digital Certificate from Docker.

This may be useful for people using a GNU/Linux distribution different than Red Hat derivates or Debian derivates like Archlinux or Gentoo or people waiting to automate digital certificate usage.

I hope you find it useful, code is located on CertificadoDigitalDocker.