This is a WordPress with the default theme.

You are looking a WordPress blog with the twenty twenty theme that comes by default with WordPress with the colors personalized using the WordPress own graphical interface.

I think it looks pretty cool anyway, when I started doing this blog I thought I would made my own theme, but I didn’t have the need to do so since the WordPress personalization allowed me to make the blog look good for what I wanted to say.

This blog does not represent any brand, so it does not have to have a custom logo, header, footer or whatever a bussiness blog has to look like so the development of a brand new theme is in my opinion overkill and a waste of resources to write three or two not monetized articles in a week.

The true is always I wanted to do a blog for me always I choosed the default themes for these reason, I know how to do WordPress Theme development, but it always seems overkill to do it for my own blog.

If someday I find the current theme is not enough for something, I will attempt to write my own theme or extend the current one, but by the moment is what I need and more.

I want to hear your opinion. Do you think this theme looks good?

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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