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Blogs against a post in social media.

When I needed to explain complex concepts about free software and programming I choose to do it with WordPress instead of using the Linkedin or Pleroma mechanisms there is why:

  • A blog has no limit about the number of characters may be used allowing to explain your toughts in a more complete way.
  • When reading a post in a blog if you like it you can also read more content of the blog easily rather than looking into the user activity and getting the real content mixed with random shares and like.
  • Blog post may be shared in multiple social networks, at the prize of getting almost half visibility in for example Linkedin.
  • Your content belongs you, not a third party platform if you are the owner of your blog, you may move your content, edit it or promote it the way you want.

Starting blogging is easy, configuring a blog with WordPress is a 5 minutes process and if you cannot do it by yourself there are solutions like which may help you to get started.

What are you waiting to start blogging too?

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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