Will we see any time soon the end of Windows in corporative environments?

I hope so, just other 2021 will be the year of the GNU/Linux desktop post.

As everybody knows Windows has been dominating the operative system desktop market for decades, but there is a live outside it and a lot of reputable tech people thinks it is time it ends.

Here I will drop some hints to understand that thought and to encourage enterprises to start upgrading user stations to the operative system of the future, GNU/Linux because the great advantages it has been giving over its legacy alternative Windows in a race of more than 20 years taking way better decisions for mantaintanibility and security.

The first is reason is just the common usage of users of Windows is a security nightmare with default execution permission for downloaded files is just to easy to be tricked to infect you, there is no need to escalate your privileges to Administrator since the most important information a user manages like passwords and sensible documents is just accesible from the privileges a common user has.

The second reason is Windows mades more difficult to users to automatize proccess with lite knowledge, the tools Windows gives without installing things, VBS, Powershell and CMD have greater learning curves and are less diverse than the GNU/Linux alternatives, Perl, Python, Bash, AWK, Sed, WSL makes something to solve it at the prize of not having good/easy integration with the Windows programs and requires installation of course.

The third reason is webapps, since they are easier and cheaper to program almost everything is moving to the web, if all the software a employee uses can be used from the web,. What do the OS matter? Why to pay licenses?

The fourth reason is support, as the time passes more and more tech persons use mostly GNU/Linux, finding IT support for your Windows environments can become more expensive since they are harder to administer and tech persons are starting to less contact with it. So it can be the time to migrate before Windows start being your own Cobol and you have to go to TV to pray for help to find someone to support you.

Relative to this migrating from a version of Windows to other is very difficult and expensive, the distro of your choice and continuous Ansible scripts to update after testing the new update and adapting the code makes the migration to new versions a continuous but less disruptive process.

I hope you find this post useful and you think about stepping out of Windows in your bussiness.

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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