Avoid the meme and avoid the expression “User level” in your resume.

Let’s put it clear everyone who uses a computer or smartphone is a user, that combined with the widespread computer analphabetism mades a very bad combination to put “User level” on informatics on your resume

I think a better approach would be to indicate you can use a computer without receiving continuous support for the most basic things and that you can learn to use new tools with ease.

Also would be a great addition to know that you know how to use most basic security measures like do not installing software that is not trustworthy or safe (Like Windows or Microsoft Office…) without asking to IT support, you are able to guess something may be an attempt to trick you to get your password and you know how to manage you credentials in a safe manner like using a password manager.

Software sometimes fails or needs new features so a valuated for IT persons ability in users is being able to report the bugs or needed features in a complete and detailed way.

Lets hear what users think about this. Feature or bug?

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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