Libre software does not need a subsidy, Libre software needs compromise.

I read a article saying how much money the libre software makes the goverments in the European Union save and that EU wants to promote the development of libre software and that is great!

But what most contributors to libre software really want is the goverment adopting it and making their own software libre software, public money, public code we say.

It is true that Richard Stallman said that if all software should be libre a tax could be setup to finance the software development which I think is a great idea, if we were forced to pay to the SGAE the Digital Canon for piracy they did not know if we were going to do.

Why would not pay for libre software we are already using everyday like the Linux kernel, busybox, libreoffice. You may be able to use a computer without privative software today, and maybe soon also a smartphone, but it is impossible to use nowdays something that connects to internet today without taking advantage of thousands of libre software programs like the Linux or BSD your router is using, the Apache or Nginx webserver you connect to or the modified version of the XMPP protocol Whatsapp uses.

Libre software is deeply installed into the heart of internet, and that is not free as in beer, and it is not developed by hobbist, but for the best developers of the world.

If you want to help libre software it think the best great first step you can do is embrace its philosophy yourself and let your software to be free as in freedom.

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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