Linkedin like = share thoughts.

When you hit react on Linkedin this may do the reacted post to appear to other users as “liked by you” when almost never the intended behaviour to the user.

When you hit Like you may expect to reward the content creator with the feeling that someone likes what you write, but the like = share Linkedin actual behaviour is pervasive because you end with a more polluted timeline where things not intended for share are shared with the name of your contacts, if someone hits like to much for content you do not like too much in your timeline but is completly acceptable they like you will be tempted to unfollow that person.

That is exactly what happens to me, I have unfollowed some persons not because their content was bad, but the content they like was not what I wanted to follow or too repetitive.

I hope this is solved at some point.

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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