Perl Programming language and the “You are in your own” feeling.

The “You are in your own” phrase comes from the Archlinux initramfs, when you mess the booting it drops you to a rescue shell and gives you that phrase.

The feeling I describe is when you must solve something with little or none help.

When I first started programming Perl because I thought it would be the better language to make a web based mail client I did not know it would become the language which gave me my first job nor my favourite language.

But I fast knew a thing, searching fast responses on StackOverflow using DuckDuckGo or other search engine was not a trivial task.

It was not the community fault, simply there are less developers doing Perl than Javascript or other mainstream programming language.

I tried to do something to solve that situation and I joined StackOverflow to bring my questions and found answers, but that is other story…

Thanks I became used to this situation I got better reading proper documentation like Metacpan or Perldoc and the code of the involved library on my error or “don’t know how to do this”.

But I think it is a experience which can make some developer to forget trying to use Perl as the proper tool to do something if they can not longer develop as they are used to. (No more snippet copy from StackOverflow.)

I think every developer will or have got in one of those situations, but in Perl is more frecuent than in other languages.

I think as a community Perl developers as me should think what we can do today to improve the Perl learning curve.

That is all.

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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