Getting a job as a premium service.

About the moral dimension of the increasing tendency to offer services with premium paid features for people seeking for a job.

Due to my recent unmployment status I have registered a good bunch of job seeking platforms all of them share offering premium features for a prize to candidates.

I think this want to play with the need to get a job to get money from the unprivileged users who want a job, Linkedin itself is and promotes such services in some of the offers, many times you have no other option than register in one or more o those services to apply for a job.

“Premium users will appear before”, “Premium users are x% more likely to get a job” are some of the quotes you can find on those sites.

People seeking for a job on those platforms are tricked into paying without any warranty this will help them at all getting a job.

I get Linkedin offering premium features for recluiters since they are using Linkedin itself to get money, but I think doing the same with candidates is power abuse.

I think we should advocate for descentralization and submiting resumes without registration on sites to make a fair employment search system.

By sergiotarxz

I am a software developer with high interest on free software.

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