Busybox Musl Pinephone Postmarketos

Pinephone and Postmarketos.

Hardware and Software for 2020 being the year of GNU like/Linux on the smartphone.

The Pinephone is a revolutionary phone which brings mainline kernel linux and drivers allowing the installation of GNU/Linux or alike operative systems on this phone.

I am the proud owner of one of those devices so I am going to comment my experience.

I bought a version of the phone which came with the Postmarketos operative system and I first had to study how I was going to be able to use that phone for my daily live.

For example I learned to use Weechat as E2E Matrix chat platform and used Telegram Desktop as Telegram client.

Phone calls and SMS works well so it was not a problem.

Banking do not work at all because my bank do not provide a webpage nor GNU/Linux application.

Email was clear, Mutt was my choice because is the software I always use.

The terminal emulator by default did not convince me so I used Lxterminal which is my common choice in GNU/Linux.

Firefox only works with not very heavy in resource usage webpages so if I have to use a webpage too heavy I have to make scripts which allow me to use the webpage with less boiler plate, an example is Peertube-dl for many videos webpages. I am still happy with Firefox because I can Inspect element on the phone.

VLC simply works well for video and audio.

Postmarketos is not GNU because by default does not ship Glibc, Coreutils, etc. But smaller utilities like Musl, Busybox, etc. But works very much like a GNU distribution.

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